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Code Enforcement Inspections

Code Enforcement/Building Inspector: Contact the Village of Central Square
Phone: (315) 668-2558 (At Village)             
Fax (at village): (315) 668-7037
Village Office Hours:

The Code Enforcement Officer can be reached at the Village offices or a message can be left at the Village offices at 668-2558.

The code enforcement officer responsibility is to enforce the International Building and Fire Protection Code, the New York State Uniform Building and Fire Protection Code, local municipal building codes, zoning ordinances, and multiple residency law. Duties are
enforced as directed by the Village Board's adoption of laws.

   Fire Prevention Inspection Code Chapter 112-6
   Subdivision of Land-Installation of Improvements Code Chapter 216-35
   Fire Safety & Property Maintenance Inspection Code 229-11
   Construction Inspections Code 229-5

For other Inspections/requirements/code:
   Central Square Codes (Off Site General Code Publisher)

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