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Herman P. Goettel
Village President 1927-1929

The government of Central Square began with its incorporation in 1890.  The population of the village at this time was about 500.  The first officers were: David L. Wood president elected for three years, John Hamilton, George Coville and Dr. Nelson W. Bates were trustees.  Gabriel Traub, treasurer; Jacob Farrington, collector and J. H. Gridley clerk.

Other Village Presidents (later called Mayors) include:

Village President
1890-1893     3-year term David L. Wood (died 8-8-1893)
1893/94         (announced in March 1893) Dr. Nelson W. Bates (served 2 terms)

One source reports Dr. William Henry Conterman was elected Village President Spring 1894       

March 1897     James Turnbull

Years unk      D. William Smith (also on nomination ticket c3-13-1916 Conterman won)     
1916-1917     E. T. Conterman  (elected paper date 3-23-1916)
1917-1918     E. T. Conterman  (nominated 2-26-1917 at Fancher House)
3/1920            E. T. Conterman          
1924-1925     E. T. Conterman
1926-1927     E. T. Conterman
1927-1928     Herman P. Goettel
1928-1929     Herman P. Goettel

About 8-13-1929-1933     William T. Reymore
1933-1935      Dr. William H. Birrell
1935-1941       Charles M. Boyke
1941-1945       Case J. Chiler
1945-1951       Charles J. Yorkey Jr.
1951-1957       William J. Metz
1957-1963       David B. Weatherup
1963-1973       Milton L. Dunham
1973-1975       Donald F. Dixon
1975-1991       George G. Traub Jr.
1991-1993       Millard W. Murphy
1993-1999       Randy W. Brooks
1999-2003       Millard W. Murphy
2003-2007       Michael Dixon
2007-2013       Millard W. Murphy
2013-2019       Kenneth R. Sherman