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Village of Central Square Planning Board

The Planning Board for the Village of Central Square meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month at the Village Offices at 7:00pm. Originally our planning board had five members. However, the Planning Board of the Village of Central Square has an important role in shaping the future development of the Village of Central Square. It was felt that by increasing the number of Planning Board members from five to seven would further assist and strengthen the planning process. So pursuant to Village Law 7-718, the membership of the Village of Central Square Planning Board was increased from five members to seven members in 2003. (Local Law #2-2003).  Then in June 2010 by local law #2-2010 the Planning board was re-established as having five members with an alternate so that lack of quorum would not slow the ability of the board to conduct business.

The Mayor appoints the five member commission with the advice and consent of the trustees. One person is designated the chairperson or in some cases we have co-chairs. Planning Board Members review planning related issues such as rezoning, variance, special use, signs and subdivision requests. When required, they hold public hearings on those issues.


Chair Person Maryellen Commisso (Current term June 2014-July 2019)
Members Maggie Kirkby (Current term 2017-Dec 2022)
Zita Bookman (Current term January 2016-July 2021)
Mark Monica (Current term June 2017 – June 2022)
Craig Wilson (Current term August 2016 June 2021)

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