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(ZBA) Zoning Board of Appeals


The ZBA for the Village of Central Square meets as needed at the Village Offices. The Mayor appoints the five member commission with the advice and consent of the trustees. One person is designated the chairperson. The ZBA hears cases in which there is a disagreement with the Village’s interpretation of the Building Codes and they grant variances as needed.

Jack Monica, Chairperson (Current term July 2015 – June 2021)
Michael Sperling (Current term July 2014-July 2019)
Andy Smolnik (Current term 2017 - Dec 2022)
Keith Lindstrom (Current Term July 2015 – June 2020)
Vacant Seat (Current Term July 14, 2014 – July 2019)

Powers and duties: The Board of Appeals shall have all of the powers and duties as set forth in the Village Law.
(1) Applications. The Board of Appeals shall have the power to hear and decide, in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, all applications hereinbefore specified upon which the Board of Appeals is authorized to pass.
(2) Appeals. In case it is alleged by an appellant that there is error or misinterpretation in any order, requirement, decision, grant, or refusal made by an administrative official having authority to issue permits in the carrying out or the enforcement of the provisions of this chapter, an appeal may be filed and a decision shall be made by the Board of Appeals in the manner hereinafter prescribed.
(3) Variances.
(a) Where there are practical difficulties or unnecessary hardship in the way of carrying out the strict letter of this chapter, the Board of Appeals shall have the power in passing upon appeals to vary or modify the application of any of the regulations or provisions of this chapter relating to use, construction or alteration of buildings or structures or the use of land so that the spirit of this chapter shall be observed, public safety and welfare secured and substantial justice done.
(b) In granting any variance, the Board of Appeals shallprescribe any conditions that it deems to be necessary or desirable to protect the zoning district and promote the General Plan.

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