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Village of Central Square Court

NO court business can be done through email You must phone village court.


Street address: 3125 East Avenue in Central Square, NY

Mailing address: PO Box 509 Central Square, NY 13036-0509.

Phone: (315) 668-8228 Fax: (315) 668-7037

Court is held on: Contact Court Clerk

NO court business can be done through email You must phone village court.

Court Fines: Contact the Court Clerk for more information.

Justice: Michael Wildrick (7/2011 - 7/2015)

Justice: Mike Avery

Court Clerk: Pat Sidlik

History: The village court was first held at the Central Square Fire Company building in about 1972 by the Honorable Adrien Niesz with Pat Boyd as the Court Clerk.   Pat Boyd became Village Clerk and Jeannie Pallotta filled the position for about six month.  In January 1986, our current (2009) Court Clerk , Pat Sidlik began.  Village Justices have included; Honorable Adrien Niesz, Honorable Thomas House, Honorable M. J. Harrell and Honorable Maureen Stetson.  In addition, Acting Village Justices have included;  Honorable Colvin, Honorable Patch and Honorable Michael Avery.

Links and info:

NYS Justice Court

The Justice Court of the Village of Central Square consists of a Village Justice elected for a four-year term and an Acting Justice, appointed by the Village Board, who serves only if the Village Justice is absent or disqualified. The village court handles vehicle and traffic cases, criminal cases, village ordinance violations and small claims cases.