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Village of Central Square & Town of Hastings

Neighborhood Watch


Meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month at the Central Square Village Hall at 7:00 p.m. The Village Hall is located at 3125 East Avenue in Central Square.

Also be sure to check out our booth at the Apple Festival in Central Square or stop by Walmart on Halloween where Neighborhood Watch Volunteers help hand out goodies.

2014-2015 Neighborhood Watch Officers
Chairperson/Coordinator: Zita Bookman Asst. Coordinator:Maura Dayton
Secretary:Maura Dayton Treasurer:Bob & Zita Bookman
Newsletter/Notices: Barb Davis Police Liaison: Harland Fox

The only Neighborhood Watch group in Oswego County, Neighborhood Watch of Central Square and Hastings is an organization made up of neighbors from the Village of Central Square and the Town of Hastings, dedicated to improving the quality of life for the residents.The purpose of this organization is to eliminate crime from our neighborhoods and improve our quality of life. 

Neighborhood Watch of Central Square and Hastings is a means of communications between neighbors and the town and village. It can bridge the communication gap between the neighbors and the police departments as well as with local officials.

Neighborhood Watch of Central Square and Hastings is an organized effort by concerned residents to look to help the local police department to protect people and their homes.

Neighbors know best their own specific problems, strengths, resources and needs.  They know the people that live in the neighborhood and those that do not.  Neighborhoods are made up of people who have the power to protect each other’s safety.  Police cannot fight crime they do not know about.  When alert citizens keep them informed, the Police are far more effective against crime—and citizens have better protection and safer neighborhoods.  By being the “eyes and ears” for the Police Department and reporting any suspicious circumstances to the Central Square Police Department, members of Neighborhood Watch actually increase their own safety!!

Since all residents of the area are considered members, everyone is invited to the meetings.

For further information:

Call the Village Office at (315) 668-2558, email us at csquareneighborhoodwatch@yahoo.com, or simply use the Contact Form available on this site.

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