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Caughdenoy United Methodist Church

(Current building) Built in 1948

Est. 1842


Address: 3 County Route 37, Central Square, NY 13036

Phone: 315-668-2973

Pastor: Pastor Sam Moore & Pastor Jim Karins

Services: Sunday at 10:00am
Sunday School is held during the 10:00am Worship Service
10:00am to 10:30am Meet & Greet in Fellowship Hall - Coffee & Donuts

Office Hours: Please call for an appointment

Website: http://www.caughdenoyumc.org

Brief History: In 1842, the Baptists built the first church in Caughdenoy near the dam. The first inkling of Methodism here came when the Caughdenoy appointment on the Colosse Circuit paid $1.30 for church expenses in 1842. The earliset leaders were Henry Waterbury and Anthony Youmans who served as Class Leaders and Stewards. The Baptist Church was purchased by the Methodist in 1857. Their name at that time was the Northport Methodist Episcopal Church.

The first church built by the Methodists near the cemetery cost about $2,000 and was dedicated on December 6, 1880. In 1927, the Trustees voted to install electric lights. On July 15, 1945 the church was rededicated after being remodeled. The new interior had a short life as fire destroyed the entire building on December 20, 1945.

The present church was built in 1948 on land donated by Fred Hall. The formal opening day was Sunday, September 18, 1949 by Rev. Carlton Frazier (minister at that time). Pews were added in 1952. The Sunday School and offices were built and dedicated by October 17, 1965. After more then a century of shared arrangements with different Methodist Churches, Caughdenoy United Methodist Church requested and received its full time pastor on July 1, 1988 when the appointment of Dr. Ronald Dale Tompkins. The church then built parsonage at that same time. The church also proudly houses the Sunny Days Nursery School.

Nursery School: Sunny days Nursery School is for 3 and 4 year olds. Please call 315-676-4379 for more information.

Sunny Days
United Methodist Church