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Leaf and Brush Pick up Guidelines


The Village of Central Square DPW picks up leaves and brush twice a year for village residents. Please follow the guidelines below for Spring and Fall pick up. Notices are posted at the village and in the Citizen Outlet with specific dates.

Spring pick up:

Leaves should be raked and placed as close to the edge of the street as possible. Do NOT bag the leaves. Do not place leaves on sidewalks or in ditches. No other materials should be placed in the leaf pile including grass, branches, landscape waste etc..

Brush and sticks can also be placed loosely along the street without obstructing drainage and should not be bound in any way. Logs, stumps, large amounts of sticks and limbs from clearing, grass clippings, flowers, weeds, plants and lumber should not be placed along the roadside for pick up.


Please follow the same guidelines as listed for spring pick up.

Leaf disposal alternative:

Instead of having leaves hauled away, they can also be used for mulch. Chop them with a lawn mower, string trimmer or shredder before mulching to help them stay put under trees, shrubs etc.