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Loomis Park Monument


During World War I - when boys were being called away to war - a wooden frame was placed in Central Park and as each one entered the service his name was painted on a piece of wood by Paul Fuller and helpers, then inserted in a slot on the frame. After the war was over a bronze plaque was purchased, through popular subscription by children of the Central Square High School and people of the surrounding country. This plaque was set up in Central Park in a framework built by Mr. Herman Goettel. On a plaque are the following inscriptions:

1917      1918
Honor Roll

This tablet is erected to honor those students of CSHS and those young men of the Town of Hastings who served in the cause of Liberty.

On it are the following names with six gold stars.

Charles Adams, Ewing Adams, Oscar Brown, Claire Bellows, Ray Claxton, Leon Clement, Donald Conterman, Perry Dense, Wilford Dense, Carlos Fuller, *Glen Fuller, Hadwin Fuller, James Goldstein, Nathan Goldstein, Louis Goman, William Goman, Floyd Graves, Ward Hall, Isaiah Head, Van Hill, Donald Hooks, Charles Howard, David Hoyt, Hadwin Klock, Ernest Kramer, Kenneth Ladd, Parker Lancaster, Earl Landers, Everett Landers, Hobart Miller, Jay Morey, DeForest Phillips, Alexander Rice, Harry Rice, Darrell Sharp, Charles Snow, Ralph Snow, *James Spires, *Gerald Taylor, Frank Traub, George Traub, Barney Tucker, George Turnbull, Harold Vrooman, Frank Waffle, Roy Woodworth.


Leonard Allen, Paul Baratier, Marsden Bates, Mark Bradbury, *John Bryde, Edwin Baxter, Harold Benson, Floyd Benson, Harold Boots, Harold Crabtree, Albert Craner, Ward Craner, Arthur Daniels, William Daniels, William Denman, Alvah Feliers, Carl Fellers, Roy Fellers, Edwin Fidler, Erwin Gilgore, Charles Gregory, Olin Hoyt, Arthur Love, Earl Lynch, Edward Lynch, Floyd Myers, Leo Myers, William Myers Jr, Arthur Palmer, *Frank Palmerton, Ray Peo, George Perfield, Charles Rice, Leon Sharer, *Raymond Sharer, Loren Snell, Perry VanDerMeid, James Wadsworth, Harry Walters, Edward Walts, Roy Walts, Vanranclear Waterbury, George Whaley, Roswell White, Harry Wing.

"The right is more precious than peace. We shall fight for the things we have. Always carried nearest our hearts. To such a task we dedicate our lives". Woodrow Wilson.

The base for the plaque it built of a native stone by Mr. Clarence Henderson, who donated his services.

World War II Monument


The tall monument (obelisk) in the center of the Village of Central Square was purchased in March 1949 by a committee of the Town of Hastings and was set the same year. The stone is Cherokee Georgia Marble. Its size is 6'x6'x10"on the base, the die is 3'x3'x2'x4" and the shaft is 13'x4" high with a base measuring 1'x4". The cost of the monument was $1920.00 and the setting was made by the Highway Department. Needless to say the setting was the big job.

On this monument, which was erected in honor of the soldiers of World War II, is the inscription:


"Dedicated to the men and women of the Town of Hastings who helped preserve us a free nation".

The monument was purchased from Mr. George Kellogg of Mexico. It was paid for by popular subscription with the average amount given by each family being $3.00.