Annual Event


Cemetery Clean Up

In the Spring of 2004 the Village Of Central Square began their annual Spring Clean ups. The idea was to get people, especially the youth involved in their community. It is the belief that it would also instill a sense of pride. Each year anywhere from 70-100 volunteers come together in May to clean up the village. Volunteers include Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, their leaders and families along with other volunteers in the community. The people are not only from Central Square but from our neighboring communities of Brewerton, Hastings and West Monroe.

Working side by side volunteers clean up the road ways, prune trees and clean out planters. Some groups are assigned to help in our local parks. Jobs may include spreading mulch in the clearings and along the trails or weeding, dividing plants, planting bulbs and mulching the butterfly garden. The event lasts about 3 hours and ends with a barbeque or pot luck, games and fun. The kids as well as the adults are always tired by the end of the day but extremely proud of everything they accomplish through their teamwork.

The Village of Central Square is lucky to have such motivated and dedicated volunteers! If you would like to help in our next clean up please contact the village office and leave a message for Heather Stevens.

There is also a Fall Cleanup, however it is not as well “organized”. In September or October volunteer spend a day getting the butterfly garden at Goettel Park ready for winter.

In 2007 the Village of Central Square organized their Cemetery Clean up Event. In April (and sometimes October) volunteers set out on a mission to rake, collect sticks, clean headstones and help beautify the cemetery. Volunteers include Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, leaders, family members and other volunteers from Central Square and other neighboring communities. Everyone works together to pile sticks, rake fence lines and between the stones and the youngest volunteers use toothbrushes to help clean moss off of the stones. They also clean out shrubs and anything else that needs doing.After the clean up the volunteers eat lunch and complete a scavenger hunt in the cemetery. The effort of these volunteers and their commitment to our community is greatly appreciated!