The Garden Railway is the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Loran. Mr. Loran, a retired engineer (not train engineer), has been interested in trains most of his life.  The miniature village in his backyard is his own creation. This village has it all! Some of the favorite features are the church scene complete with a nun, choir boys and a cemetery. The Pondville Fire Station is flying the American flag.  It has two shiny red fire engines parked in front of the station with firemen getting ready for their next call.  If you head out into the country you will find horse, pigs in the barnyard, cows in the field and tractors out tilling. The farmers wife is escaping from the summer heat on the front porch or their home.

The details “in town” are just as fun. Outside the general store you will spot an old Coca Cola machine.  The displays change and there is always something new to explore.  People of all ages will love the garden and the trains. Another popular spot is the pond with lily pads and goldfish. The Loran's generously open their backyard to the community a couple of times each year to share their hobby and love of trains with everyone. There is no charge to attend the open houses but be sure to bring a camera!

102 Mohawk Avenue. Open houses in the Summer or by Appt.