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Dedicated on July 17, 2010 at Goettel Park

A team is the best thing that can happen to a person. Knowing that you have a job that must be carried for the group to attain what they are reaching for is important. The sum is greater than all its parts. It’s the feeling of togetherness with fun thrown into the mix. Togetherness is the important thing, but you have to have fun! Coach Bill Hoeppel passed away October 19, 1995 and his wife, Constance passed away October 30, 2006. Together they had two children; Priscilla and Robert.Bill was a native of Chicago and moved to Binghamton at the age of six years. He graduated from North Binghamton in 1938 after starring in football, baseball and basketball. In 1940 he entered SU and played for the Orange Cage team before graduating on the accelerated was program in 1943. Bill student taught in Central Square from 1946-47…took a job and began coaching too. He is remembered for taking the six man team to an eleven man team, winning streaks and even started the recreation program in Central Square and Cleveland. We thank him and his memory lives on!

No Alcoholic Beverages are permitted in the park.

This is a garbage in - garbage out park. This means you are responsible for removing trash following your event

Dogs are allowed in the park, however they must be on a leash (8 feet or less) and you must clean up its waste and dispose of it properly. No pets or other animals shall be allowed to become obnoxious, aggressive or disturbing to the other users of the park.

There are no campfires or burning in the village.

No glass containers are to be on park property

No motorized vehicles or motorized toys are allowed in park. All firearms, fireworks, slingshots, bows and arrows, blowguns, crossbows, air guns, rockets or any other similar devices, recreational or otherwise, are prohibited.

This is a non-smoking park.

9:00am to Dark

Park Rules
To ensure your safety and enjoyment and that of other park visitors, please observe the following: