In 1964 Contract 2A and 2B for a treatment plant and pumping station were put out to bid for the village.  Sealed bids were accepted for the project by the village board until January 18, 1965.  The project included the construction of a contact stabilization type treatment plant, two package type pumping stations and outfall sewer.  The consulting engineer for the village was O’Brien and Gere Consulting Engineers.  

In order for the project to happen, 170 right away agreements had to be obtained.  (The population of Central Square was about 1,000).  John A. LeFaivre, chairmen of the local citizens committee was the primary person in distributing the agreements.  The general plan of the proposed sewer locations was on display for the public at the bank.

In March 1965 ground was broken on the sewer project at ceremonies officiated by Lowell Gregg, Mayor Milton Dunham and George Traub Jr.  Olin Construction Company was engaged to install the eight miles of sewer lines, the two pumping stations and purification plant.

At the time of its completion, the Village of Central Square was the only one in Oswego County with a complete sewer system.  The first streets that were ready were East Avenue, Webb Avenue and the east side of South Main Street between Webb Avenue and the village square.

The Plant Today

The Rehabilitation of the Waste Water treatment Plant improvements today (2018). One of the most important items for consideration this year will be the upgrades to our aging waste water treatment facility (WWTF). WE will be replacing components that are basically worn out. This retrofit will be good for another 20-25 years. Unfortunately the equipment that needs to be replaced is diesel powered pumps, submersible influent pumps, actuators, level sensors, diffuser assemblies, air control valves, decanters, process control panels and effluent filters. These are just some of the parts that need to be updated this year.


The Village of Central Square has one of the lowest quarterly rates in the county.

The WWTF runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Few of us think of where the “stuff” goes when we flush our toilets, wash our laundry or clean our dishes, until we get a backup or a mechanical failure in our own home. We are fortunate to have two very competent engineers on staff, Robert Smith, Jr. and Gary Allen. These two individuals work closely with our village engineer, Paul Sheneman, the Department of Environmental Conservation, the Oswego County and village residents. Our goal is to keep things flowing without any disruptions. The Village Board has had numerous discussions how to keep the rates low and plan for the future.

The Village will be working with Municipal Solutions to secure a low interest loan. The cost of renovations will be between $1.5-1.6 million. The reason for the differential is due to possible state requirements and the village being proactive and adding an Ultra Violet (UV) disinfecting process to provide one more additional way to purify the water. We will keep you informed.

Central Square          $125/ qtr

Operated by Robert Smith, Jr. and Gary Allen