As Mayor of the Village of Central Square, I would like to welcome you to the village website. I encourage you to give us feedback, share events, photos and the stories that make our village a community. There is a positive energy in our village and I hope to see it continue to increase participation in government, support for our schools, visiting our parks and enjoying the many events scheduled throughout the year. We realize a balanced quality of life goes beyond our village limits. You will notice links to services offered that can benefit our residents. Central Square is a great community to live, work and play. We are excited about responsible growth, reliable and quality service, and safe living. Enjoy!

Mayor Randy House

Welcome to Central Square, New York


What do I get for my village tax dollars?
Living in the Village of Central Square comes with an expectation of a better standard of living and quality of life. The Village takes this seriously. Your village tax dollars help support contracts with our ambulance company - Menter, our library and the Town of Hastings and the services they provide. Tax dollars also help maintain the Summer Recreation Program, Parks, Community Events, sidewalks & roads, village staff & offices, Part-time Police Department, Court System, street lighting and Christmas decorations. Obviously this is just a short list of all we get for our tax dollars as part of living in the village.

Court Questions:
Each year our village offices receive hundreds of calls regarding our court including; when is court, what time, how and where do I pay my fine, etc. Our village court is separate from our village office so please direct all court related calls to our court clerk at (315) 668-8228. Contacting the village offices or leaving a message there unfortunately will not be able to answer your questions or get you through any quicker.

Sewer Bill Questions:
Where do I make payments for my sewer bill? When should I receive the bill?  Answers to these questions can be found on our website by clicking here. You may pay at the Village Office between 9:00am-4:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday or 9:00 am-1:00pm on Wednesday. Utility Assessment bills are mailed in January, April, July and October.

How to handle the sewer bill if you are selling/buying a home in the village:
Sewer and water assessment charges are NOT part of the village tax bill, they are billed separately.  

Village Tax Bills:
The Village Office is open 9:00am-4:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 9:00 am-1:00pm on Wednesday. Please make checks out to the Village of Central Square.

Building Permits:  
Who do I call for a building permit? The village has a part time code enforcement officer. Please call the village office at (315) 243-9568 to reach Ed Cusato Jr. or leave a message for him. Visit our Building Permit page by clicking here.

Am I in the Village and the Town?
The Village of Central Square is in the Town of Hastings. However, a Central Square address could be outside of the village also. If your address is Central Square, you could live in the Town of Hastings or the Town of West Monroe. If you are outside the village, your town-related questions can be answered by the town in which you reside.
Town Of Hastings: (315) 668-6191 Town of West Monroe: (315) 668-8314‎.

How do I apply for STAR status on my home?
You need to apply for this through the Town Of Hastings. You can speak with someone in the assessor's office at the town of Hastings building (315) 668-3682. However the clerks office at the Town of Hastings (315) 668-2456 may also be able to send the form needed to apply.

Birth & Death Certificates, Marriage license                                                      
The Registrar of Vital Statistics for the Village is the Hastings Town Clerk 315-668-2456.

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The Village of Central Square is located in Oswego County, New York

The Village is located at
Latitude 43.287 &
Longitude -76.146

Central Square is in the
Eastern Time Zone

Central Square has  
1.85 sq miles of Land

Central Square has  a population density of
888 people per square mile

The village has a population of

The population consists of
45.9% Male
54.1% Female

of the housing units are occupied
of the housing units are owner occupied



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Village of Central Square CNY Stormwater Coalition Survey Information


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New York State DEC Notice of Complete Application - 3/2/22 - Wastewater Plant Upgrade

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The North Shore Council of Governments Invites Community Input on Economic Recovery and
Resiliency Plan

The North Shore Council of Governments (NorCOG) is working on a plan to promote economic    growth by identifying and leveraging opportunities offered by our location on Oneida Lake and  near the Micron project, as well as challenges that could hold that back. NorCOG is looking to      determine ambitious and achievable transformative goals. This plan will be used as a guide for  municipalities, partners, and future development projects in the community.

NorCOG has engaged MRB Group from Rochester, NY to help in this. They are conducting
economic and market analyses, assessing the current condition of the NorCOG region, and
gathering input from local stakeholders. The ultimate goal is to better understand the wants,
needs, and challenges of the community so that the Economic Recovery and Resiliency Plan can best facilitate sustainable and beneficial development activity.

Residents and businesses can complete one of the surveys available on the “Economic Resiliency and Recovery Plan” project page on the website. Paper copies of the surveys      are also available at the Central Square village hall, and may be dropped off there through
January 2, 2024.